Below you will find reviews from a handful of our past customers.

“Mark provided us with an affordable site evaluation, and was extremely professional on our property. He provided me with all of the proper documents I needed for the planning board in a reasonable amount of time. Thanks Maine Site Evaluations, LLC and major thanks to Mark Truman. Job well done!”
Nancy Wells – Carthage, ME

“Thanks Mark Truman and Maine Site Evaluations! I wanted to send you this note of appreciation to thank you for the site evaluation you did for us about 2 weeks back over here in Farmington, ME. We loved how you looked at coming to the Mt. Blue area like it was fun for you, while providing such a needed service. With the work you did, you saved us a ton of money and a ton of time. Big thanks here Mark! We can finally breath again!”
Jamie Simpson – Turner, ME

“Maine Site Evaluations gets a 10/10 in my book. Owner Mark Truman showed up early and got the job done in a professional and timely manner. He seemed extremely experienced, just and moved from one task to another a lot quicker then past site evaluation companies I dealt with.”
Michael Campbell – Poland, ME

“When I called Maine Site Evaluations to request a site evaluation on my island, I was not sure how it would work out. I was extremely pleased when the man on the other end of the line, their Owner Mark A. Truman told me that he could not only do the job, but he could do the job with a boat he would bring to the site, come across to my island, and do the site evaluation as needed. This is a request that other companies literally laughed me off the phone on, as there are not many companies equipped to come across to an island a quarter mile off shore, and he offered all of the equipment free of charge! He not only told me he could do the work, he followed through and completed the island job with ease. Thank you Mark, your the best!”
Jonathan Keystone – Auburn, ME

“Thank you Maine Site Evaluations from the Gray family! We could not be more pleased about the services you provided. I will most definitely recommend you to others, and if we ever need work again in the future, we know who to call!”
James Gray – Portland, ME

“Mr. Truman was highly professional and very thorough. I was having slow drainage problems, and we had dug up the cover on my septic, to try to find out if it was simply a clog or something else. Sadly, prying and mean neighbors that have nothing better to do, called the town on me. Although I didn’t get a fine, I was then in a bigger rush than ever to fix it. So I went online and after carefully reading several websites, I came across “Maine Site Evaluations, LLC” and felt that this company showed a high level of knowledge and experience in the field. I called Mr. Truman’s cell phone, and he answered. Despite having to go to a family gathering, Mr. Truman took the time to go out of his way to help me.

I explained the dilemma I had, since I work all week, and my neighbors don’t stop bothering us, I ask if there was any way he could come right away. He did, on his way to his family gathering, he brought down his tools and started digging, I felt bad that he was getting all dirty and sweaty working on my yard, when he had set already the time to see his family. But he put my needs above his own time off. This afternoon (Sunday the day after), he called me to let me know that my new leach field plans are ready for me to take to the town hall to get my permits and start working (hopefully without neighbor interference). I would gladly recommend Mr. Truman to anyone looking for a site evaluator and planner.”
Ana Maria

“Mark Truman was a total life saver. My wife was doing laundry and water was coming out of our tank. After speaking on the phone Mark agreed to come to our house that afternoon…on a Saturday. He was able to quickly diagnose what our problem was and we were able to have the problem solved by the end of the day.”
Justin Peters

With proper design and use a septic system can last a long time. I’ll do my best for you, so please give me a call toll-free at 1-800-244 2493 anytime, or email me at Visit our contact page to see all methods of contact.

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