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To celebrate our 45th year in business we will be closed this January and February for a long deserved vacation.
You are still welcome to call with any questions or to schedule a March or April site visit.

Thank you, Mark A. Truman

Who We Serve

We have provided affordable site evaluations in Maine for over 40 years.
We Go Anywhere in Maine. By Vehicle, or By Boat!

Our First Meeting

At our initial meeting at the property we will discuss your ideas, and together will come up with a plan that meets the minimum requirements of the Wastewater Disposal Rules.

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Advanced Treatment System

We now offer Septic BioRemediation Services where failing systems are restored by employing the White Knight Leach Field Recovery System. It is the lowest cost alternative to leach field replacement.


Site Evaluations

Most times I am able to meet on site to get you started in the right direction.

Septic Designs

With proper design and use, a septic system can last a long time.

Diagnoses of Septic Issue

Owning a septic system requires understanding of how these systems work.

Request a call back

Maine septic systems issues?


If a Maine real estate transaction where the septic system inspection has failed and need a quick replacement septic design give us a call.


It often happens this time of year. The snow melts and this wet area appears that wasn’t there last fall. Is it moles?


DEP requires that a designed replacement system, if feasible, be installed within 90 days of the transfer and the new owner will be responsible for that installation.


The White Knight Microbial Inoculator Generator installed in your septic tank is guaranteed to repair failed systems within 12 months or you get a 100% refund.

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